A Religion of Devotion & Schemes 2

A side story from “In The Ashes of Forgiveness”

Harrys Stratigakis
7 min readAug 16, 2022


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The sun’s feeble light that signals the start of a new day slightly stroked the damp surface of the buildings in the center of Fober. The moisture that had gathered from the previous night, started to evaporate as the sun kept rising further up into the blue skies.

Back in Allnatt’s place, Ridwan and Sathar were sitting in the wooden chairs at the main table nearby the kitchen and as Allnatt was standing before them, they tried to review their plan for one last time.

“Since the last preparations take some time, I need to make sure everything is in order. Ridwan, have the necessary followers from the ones you instructed last night begun building the stand in Fober’s square nearby the church?”, Allnatt questioned on a deeply serious note.

“Yes, your highness. I’ve gone there myself first thing in the morning to see if everyone had gathered all the materials. The sawyers that we recruited helped a lot in making the draft that I handed out last night as well.”, Ridwan replied proudly, “Moreover, they were already at the scene to guide everyone appropriately. They said that in 5 to 6 hours we will be set.”

“That’s great. One thing is down I suppose. What about you, Sathar? Have you gotten yourself an Aegimus armor? You know that this is a crucial part of our plan.”, Allnatt continued with his questions with even greater pressure.

Sathar took a sip out of his coffee mug and as the dark brown liquid rushed down his throat, he lift himself and pointed with his finger toward the closet that was in the living room.

“Hehe. I’ve just brought it out, your highness, and it’s all shiny and polished!”, Sathar spoke out enthusiastically, “Our friend that has ties in the Vierizen’s army helped out a lot for getting this one without much of a hassle.”

“Hm. I’ve made my preparations as well so that means that we are good to go. You remember the plan Sathar, right? When the Order of Aegimus knights start to group and try to disperse the crowd, you disguised as one of them, will shoot at an innocent believer which in turn will give me grounds to persuade their retaliation; all to start our rebellion…”



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